Tips to make Apartment Safe for Children 

Keeping your child safe is one of the important jobs for parents. If you have children living with you in your Apartment in Calicut you are responsible for keeping children safe while under your care. And also if you help children identify and avoid common safety dangers, you can protect them from serious injuries. To keep your kids extra safe in your apartments in Kozhikode you have to put safety covers over outlets. There are some ways that you can teach your kids active safety while living in an apartment close to the community. 

Baby-proof your apartment 

Use outlet plug covers and cabinet latches on drawers and cupboards in areas within your child’s reach.  The items which are particularly dangerous should be stored in higher locations where they are harder for a child to access. 

Familiarize Them With Staff 

Take them around to the office, and let them meet everyone who is on staff. If there is an emergency,  your child will know who to go to for questions. Also, make sure that the staff is familiar with your child and who are trusted members of your family. 

Children and Elevator Safety  

Elevator problems can lead to injury and small problems which can cause children to get scared. Kids don’t have the same reasoning and physical capabilities that adults can have. If you have an elevator in your apartment and children live with you, spend some time with them for talking about elevator safety. 

Bathroom Safety 

Keep the iron cord or any other cord appliance out of a baby’s reach to avoid burns or other possible harm. Always test the temperature of the water before placing the baby in the tub. Safeguard from slips and falls by using nonslip mats in and out of the tub, as well as on any hard-surface floors near the bathroom. 

Play In Green Spaces 

We want to see kids running around and getting exercise, but we want them to be safe. You have to make sure that they can understand where they are able to play in safe locations. Drill into their head to never run into the street or parking lot after a ball. Keeping kids playing in green spaces is safer than playing on the pavement. 

Kitchen Safety

This may depend on the age of the kid, but you may want to consider installing a gate to keep children out of the kitchen. Under-sink cabinets are a typical place to store cleaning products. You need to move the cleaning products out of the toddler's or baby's reach. If the household products are placed in the low cabinets,  invest in latches and locks, and always keep the cabinet doors securely shut. 

Living Room Safety 

Make sure that balcony window covering cords are fastened to cleats, or well out of reach of a baby and toddler. Keep house plants out of reach to avoid having your child eat leaves that may be harmful. If your apartment comes equipped with a balcony or patio door, make sure to keep the sliding door locked at all times. Also, make sure not to leave the door cracked open so that the only barrier between your child and the balcony is the screen. 

Don’t Wander Around Alone 

A lot has gone into providing a safe apartment, but it’s still best for kids to always be accompanied by a  trusted adult. Kids are curious, and they like to explore. Give them the freedom to roam around apartments, but always keep your eyes on them. 

Practice safe sleep habits 

Keep your kid's room cool and don’t allow your baby to get overheated. Make sure to remove pillows,  bumper pads, and fluffy toys from the crib. Make sure your child’s crib is in a smoke-free environment. 

It is never too early to begin teaching children about their safety. Try to make it fun and help them identify dangers around the apartment. The apartments under Galaxy Builders are highly secure and safe for children. We offer security features like CCTV Surveillance, Access control lobby, Boom Barrier,  Bio Metric Tenant Entry, Video door phone with CCTV input, On-demand Guest Access from VDP, Biometric Apartment main door lock, and also 24hrs Security guards. You can spend your life with ease and secure ways with Galaxy Builders.

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Benefits of Buying RERA Registered Apartments 

The Government of India surpassed the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) in 2016 to set up an authority for the Real estate sector. And all sections of the Act shall come into force with effect from May 1, 2017. . Under RERA Act, the Government of Kerala established the Kerala Real Estate Regulatory  Authority (K RERA) for the smooth regulation and promotion of the real estate sector in the State of Kerala. The act will help to bring more transparency and credibility to the entire purchase procedures and It will also help to redefine the promoter-buyer relationship in the real estate sector.

RERA applies to all Builders and Developers except for the following real estate projects.

  1. Where the area of the land does not exceed 500 square meters or the number of apartments does not exceed 8 (eight);
  2. Where the Promoter has received a completion certificate for a real estate project before commencement of RERA; and 
  3. Where the work involved is limited only to renovation or repair or re-development and does not involve marketing, advertising, selling, or new allotment of any apartment, plot, or building.

RERA Registration shall be valid for the period required to complete the project or phase, as declared by the builder/developer. It may extend the validity of the registration in the event of a natural calamity like flood,  drought, fire, etc, and also in case of a war. Only force mature events are the ones where real estate developers can have some leeway of not delivering on time.


1. A standard method for the calculation of Carpet Area has been clearly defined by the RERA Act and the same formula would be applied by all builders/developers for the calculation of the carpet area. 2. RERA Act has now clearly specified that the interest paid by both builder and home buyer shall be the same. 

3. This act will reduce the risk of builder Insolvency/ Bankruptcy by ensuring that the funds raised will be used for the purpose only for which they are raised and not for other purposes. 

4. The buyer has the right to withdraw from the project with a full refund of the amount paid along with interest and claim compensation if the builder backs out of the deals or any commitments made by the builder and the actual project. 

5. The builder has no right to take more than 10% of the cost of the apartment, villa, or any property as advance or application fees before completing the sales agreement.

6. Builders will have to give a 5-year warranty against structural flaws as per RERA. The buyer shall be entitled to claim compensation if builders fail to rectify the damages to properties.

7. A buyer can file a case and send legal notice to the builder and claim your refund along with the interest or damages when a builder delays the possession of the property. 


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Tips to attract positive energy into your flat in Calicut

Is your flate a comfortable place to live in calicut ? Does it help you unwind after a stressful day at work? With so much pollution, worry, and negativity around us these days, does your home feel comfortable for you? For instance here are some tips to attract positive energy into your flat in Calicut.

It is human nature to seek out things that attract positively in our lives, and the environment in your home can greatly influence your mood. Calicut is such a beautiful place to live therefore Flat in calicut is the best choice. There are several possibilities that are extremely reasonably priced in terms of home design. So Here are some options for you to choose from that will help you attract luck and positive energy.

Similarly, If you are looking for Top builders in Calicut, check out Galaxy Builders, which will match your expectation for making your apartment a comfortable place to live.

1. Embrace nature, invite in

You can stay connected to the wonderful things in nature by incorporating small elements of the outdoors into your "indoor world." When it's impractical or impossible to go outside from your flat, these components help you breathe, calm your nerves, and refocus your concentration.

It takes more than just buying the occasional house plant to incorporate a little bit of nature into your home. Here are a few simple things you can do to bring a little bit of nature into your indoors.

  • Choose natural decor elements.
  • Indoor gardens.
  • Place a bird feeder outside your large window.

Our daily lives are surrounded by greenery, so we must do everything in our power to preserve it. Similarly Without question, if you're looking for flat in calicut for sale, Galaxy Builders in Kerala are the best builders around. If you are unsure, visit our website to decide for yourself.

2. Pay attention to the lighting

Proper lighting is important. A room that is dimly lit and dark will almost always feel gloomy and enclosed. Even if a space receives little direct sunlight, it is still crucial to have adequate lighting. A room can feel instantly brighter and cleaner by just turning on lamps and ceiling lights at the proper times of the day. Hence This can make residents and caregivers feel more awake, vibrant, and cheerful.

3. Clear the air

Let the airflow by opening your windows hence let the sea breeze blow into your flat in calicut To make the air around you better if you live in a polluted location, purchase an air purifier or plug in a shimmering Himalayan salt lamp.

4. De-Clutter

Clutter causes stress and affects the positivity of your home. In a home care setting, clutter can be harmful in addition to being unpleasant to live with. In addition to making a room feel calmer and more open, decluttering has the practical benefit of allowing you to get rid of stuff you no longer need.

5. Use of soft materials

According to studies, holding soft objects in our hands makes us feel more secure and at ease. As a result, you feel more comfortable. So Don't be afraid to add soft materials to your decor.

6. Use of essential oil to improve energy

One of the finest methods to eliminate negativity firstly fill your area with a clean scent of essential oils. You can select the essential oil that best suits your needs because each essential oil has unique traits and characteristics.

7. Improve your mood using colour psychology

According to research, colours have a significant impact on our emotions and behaviour. Therefore, it is crucial that you use the appropriate colours for your home's decor and rooms.

8. Use  of Artwork

Meaningful artwork may instantly improve the mood of a space by serving as a daily reminder of love, light, and happiness. In other words, the artwork gives peace of mind.

9. Avoid symmetry in everything

When all of your furniture is against the walls, negative energy and dead spaces are created. Avoid an uneasy sitting arrangement that hinders communication in the living area.

When it comes to the bedroom, Put your bed as far away from the door as you can in the bedroom. Because, It is best to keep your bed away from the room's opening to encourage rest, relaxation, and good health.

healthy living in apartment

10. Avoid Using Sharp Edges

Furniture with sharp angles should be replaced with items that have curved shapes and smooth lines. And also, Rounded corners appear less formal and corporate. hence, They automatically create a cosier, nicer, and more welcoming atmosphere.

11. Be Surrounded by the Things You Love

The things in our homes should make us feel good and uplift our spirits since they bring back memories of prior experiences.

12. Avoid overaccessorizing

The flow of positive energy can be maximised in minimalist settings. Firstly, The space may appear congested and disorderly if there are too many materials present. Secondly, Choose fewer pieces that are more expressive of your personal style.

13. Vastu Shastra

Hang bells or wind chimes next to the main door. However, Vastu Shastra states that the sound of calming music attracts prosperity and success to a home. So spend a few minutes each day listening to shlokas, mantras, and calming flute sounds.

14. Create a Balance

 Aim to balance the decor components in the room so that no one material dominates the space. The harmony of space is important to attract positive energy.

15. Express gratitude

The shamanic practice of feng shui is based on the idea that your space is living, along with everything else. Because Your home is filled with the same vital force that sustains you, serves as a shelter and provides you with a space to relax, eat, celebrate, and much more. So It's easy to show your house thanks, With a grateful heart. Say "thank you" to your home.

Positive energy makes you feel good, however, you keep your mood up, and may even help us to realise our full potential. Above all, you can improve your outlook on life by surrounding yourself with positive energy. In other words, Love your space!

Are you checking out the List of builders in Calicut for premium living, for instance

Calicut has emerged as one of India's top cities to live in. Most of the prominent builders in Kerala have their projects in Calicut. Galaxy Builders, renowned for an ultra-luxury flat in Calicut with aesthetic design and quality of construction provide a comfortable place to live in. Visit any of our finished or ongoing projects in your search for Premium builders in Calicut, and we guarantee you won't be let down.

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14 Top ways to make your apartments in Calicut more luxurious in 2023

You have owned your dream apartment with one of the premium builders in Calicut, but are not sure how to give it a luxurious look. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are 14 top ways to make your apartments in Calicut look voguish in 2023:

1. Furniture with arcs and round shapes:

Arcs and round shapes are going to stay in trend in 2023, as people find them more pleasing and comfortable. Galaxy apartments in calicut are an example of such architectural excellence. Round shapes are believed to give a feeling of safety as opposed to straight and pointed shapes. So, it will be worth splurging on some unique furniture in these shapes, to make your flat in Calicut your abode of luxury and comfort.

2. Feature wall:

Paint an interesting colour on the wall that first meet the eyes of the one entering a room. As a result, This will help in elevating the temperament of the room, giving it a more luxurious feel.

3. Strategic decluttering:

Decluttering doesn’t always mean shoving things into the drawers and shelves. For instance, Get some quirky storage boxes and organizers to put the things that need not necessarily hang around all over your apartments in calicut. Also, Ditch the cheap boxes that you may find in discount stores, and buy the ones that look expensive and creative. To keep your kids extra safe in your apartments in Kozhikode you have to put safety covers over outlets. There are some ways that you can teach your kids active safety while living in an apartment close to the community. 

4. Use candles and mirrors to decorate your home:

Mirrors can magnificently help in making your space look large and spacious. Place the mirror facing the open areas of your apartment, such as the balcony or windows. This will give an illusion of more open space in your apartment. In addition, Use scented candles or long candles placed on Victorian-style candle stands to give that royal look to the apartments in calicut that you call home.

5. Invest in art:

Go for beautiful paintings to express your penchant for art. Similarly, Art-lovers are typically perceived to be deep, and progressive. It not only helps portray your personality, but also adds to the opulence of your apartment.

6. Fresh flowers and plants:

Adding fresh flowers and plants is the classic way to add a royal charm to your apartment. Because some amount of greenery can instantly transform your apartment into an abode of tranquility. So the positive aura that the flowers and plants bring into your flat in Calicut gives it an attractive and luxe demeanor.

7. Upgrade your tableware and glass:

You have the most expensive-looking dining table and chairs, but your tableware and glasses are mediocre? Most people overlook the importance of upgrading the tableware and glasses when they install or upgrade their furniture. The mere sight of high-end tableware and glasses can help elevate your self-esteem.

8. The right lighting:

Beautiful lighting can make your apartment look plush and intriguing. Different types of lights, such as ceiling lamps, floor lamps, accent lights, table lamps, etc., will help you enhance the vibe of your house. Hence, Accentuate the beauty of your furniture, fixtures, wall art, and other important elements, using multiple sources of light.

9. Layer rugs:

Rugs have the power to transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. And when you have them layered, the impact is even more fierce. In order to layer rugs, you need to first spread a plain-coloured neutral or natural fiber rug as the base rug, on top of which you can place a rug which complements with the base rug but has a different texture, design, or art work. In most cases, rugs of the same shape will work best, but the base rug should be significantly larger than the one that will be placed at the top.

10. Add metallic accents:

Metallic finishes, especially bronze accents can significantly enhance the splendor of a space. Therefore, Metallic accents can be incorporated in to your lighting, furniture, fabrics, show pieces, wall-décor, dinnerware, and more. This will help in making sure that your flats in Calicut do not fall flat.

11. Kitchen:

Kitchen is a place that deserves to have all the attention, and hence utmost care should be
taken in making it the most comfortable one. So design your kitchen in a way that it is easy to use,
and has a touch of elegance and grandeur. In addition, Invest in high-quality fixtures, elite storage spaces,
good-looking storage boxes, and a sufficient number of containers to keep all your spices and
other necessities. Because, It is always better to store food items in dedicated containers or bottles,
rather than the original packets they come in.

12. Reimagine wardrobes:

Today, wardrobes come in a variety of designs, colours, and functionalities. Surprisingly, the type of wardrobe you have in your apartments in Calicut can talk a lot about you. Therefore, Make sure that you have the most contemporary designs in wardrobe to express your sense of style and modern outlook.

13. Choose your textiles carefully:

Sofas, chairs, pillows and curtains in the same fabric and texture will enhance the look of your flat in Calicut. In addition, Silk, premium cotton, and satin fabrics will give a luxurious look to your textile. Swap soft cushions for different textures and sizes, to add volume effortlessly. Add a few shades of color, with a slight twist to the neutrals you already have, in order to liven up your space. If you need recommendations on lighter palette, try a light mustard, pink, or lilac.

14. Hang long curtains:

Luxurious homes typically have high ceilings and plenty of natural light. If your ceilings are no lofty, you can trick the eye by hanging curtains and fittings as high and close to the ceiling as possible, not directly over the window frame. This will draw attention away from the ceiling, toward the drapery, and give the impression of a higher space. Consider adding sheer curtains to soften incoming light and fill the room with warmth.

We hope this article helps you transform your apartments in Calicut to luxurious spaces. If you have more ideas to share with us, please comment below. If you are looking for luxury flats in Kozhikode for sale, contact us now. Galaxy builders is one of the premium builders in Calicut, with our prestigious project- Atmosphere, being the tallest residential tower in Kerala.

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Go Green in Apartments for a Healthier Lifestyle

Going green in apartments or flats is a great initiative that brings down wastage, pollution, and environmental degradation without compromising the construction method of a building. In fact, it helps to protect the surroundings and it also helps to live a healthier life. What else do we need, being healthy and happy in our apartments is like dream come true. 

If you are looking for flats for sale in Kozhikode, check out Galaxy Builders, which will match your expectation for making your apartment in Calicut green!  

Greenery is the need of the hour and you must have noticed that many builders in Kerala are going the green way. Greenery is a part of our daily lives and we need to protect our environment at all costs. If you are searching without a doubt, you are with excellent builders in Kerala Galaxy Builders! If you doubt, visit and believe by yourself.  

The Meridian Verde, launched by Galaxy Builders shows an example of green flats. It’s not only a modern living and luxury apartment in kozhikode but also takes a  step towards a greener tomorrow. 

In today's world, our lifestyles have become so dependent on electricity that we have taken it for granted. In recent times, many countries have started minimizing their carbon footprint, but it is difficult to control carbon emissions from household appliances. The countries which have been economically stable for decades have been able to use electricity as a utility rather than a luxury, not only for electricity there are many other things we can do to make our apartments go green.  

Check out some tips to go green in flats in kozhikode:

❖ Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. Light Bulbs such as the bulb use less energy. At least, we can save money and reduce our energy use.  Try to find out some guidelines for choosing energy-efficient light bulbs and learn how to recycle used light bulbs.

❖ Reducing plastic bags at home should be one of the ways to reduce the pollution of the environment. Reducing the plastic bag at home may be small but it can make a big change at last. If you want to reduce environmental pollution,  you should reduce the use of plastic bags. Buy a reusable bag! We all know that plastic bag is one of the major pollutants to the environment, especially the marine ecosystem. Try to reduce plastic bag usage is really important to human being who wants to live on an earth that has clean air, clean water, and clean land. 

❖ It's important to learn how to conserve water. Not only is it good for the environment, but it's also a great way to save money. Here are a few tips to help you conserve water. First, you should take shorter showers. That doesn't only mean a few minutes, but it means you should turn off the water while you soap up. Also, you should turn your faucets off when you brush your teeth or shave,  and also run your dishwasher and washing machine on the shortest wash possible. Not only will this save hundreds of gallons of water every month, but it'll also help you save more money! 

Also, you can go through : Simple Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool this Summer 

The Meridian Verde apartments in Calicut focus to give people a perfect example for showing the world that flats in Kozhikode are already moved towards a go-green apartment. Check out Meridian Verde, the green by flats for sale in Kozhikode Galaxy Builders now!

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Why is Investing in Top Builders an asset during the pandemic?

The pandemic hit everyone in different ways. To save up for the difficult roads ahead and to secure one’s future, people began considering investment as an option. One such lucrative source is investing in top builders in metropolitan towns during this pandemic. It has a set of advantages that are convenient for investors. Here we list down why investing in builders in Kerala and getting yourself an apartment can bring benefits because it’s a clear winner when it comes to returning your investments. 

Investing in an asset should yield the necessary outcome by expecting a growth rate within a time period. In investment, it’s essential to follow the trend while considering certain location benefits in the case of apartments and giving flats for sale in cities like Kozhikode. Growing cities can act as a huge magnet for investors and settlers likewise. Kozhikode is a city that everyone is drawn to, so investing in an apartment and putting it up as a “flat for sale in Calicut” will only bring benefits. 

With changes in lifestyle and people opting for apartments. Because of their advantages like low maintenance as compared to houses and villas. Security, affordability, customization options and it is ideal for small families make it an asset. One should invest in especially when it comes to choosing Builders in Kerala and its popularity in the rental market. This investment will become an asset because flats for sale in Calicut are trending for various reasons. Such as more people opting for apartments in northern Kerala. Due to its favorable living conditions, market value, business opportunities, and much more. And if you don’t plan to live in it, it can be put up for a flat for sale in Calicut advertisements. This will make sure your investment in this area is the right step if you choose from top builders in Kerala. 

At Galaxy builders, we have new projects that meet your vision of lifestyle living. We are well known in the realm of construction and housing. So investing in us would be a turning point, situated in the highly sought “land of spices”. We are proud of the fact that our clients are satisfied with our services. Some of our ongoing projects include Eleve Maison with ultra-luxury apartments. Meridian Verde for an eco-friendly investment step, and Magnum Opus in the hub of Calicut. There is always an investment opportunity that you can trust and go forward with as we come under top builders in Kerala. 

Investing lets you go through uncertainty with some ease especially during a pandemic as there are chances of savings drying up. It is a good idea to consider investing right now. There is a low economic activity and markets are down, it can turn profitable in the future. If your apartment goes for flats for sale in Kozhikode, there will be cash flow in the form of rental income in real estate investment. Because it is a prime location and tenants are willing to move to metropolitan cities from all around the world. With things becoming increasingly digital, your “flats for sale in Calicut” is sure to get your attention. Because of the above-mentioned perks. 

Investing in apartments from top builders will be an asset during the pandemic. For those buying a property, it safeguards their interests, brings transparency, and ensures accountability and timely completion of projects. The builders or developers have to publish all the details such as sanctioned plans, layouts, the location of the project with clear demarcation of land, carpet area, number and area of the garage, etc. Developers have to get all the clearances before they advertise or sell any property. You can check the Benefits of Buying RERA Registered Apartments about every detail of your chosen project.

A flat for sale in Calicut is what people are looking for as it meets all their conditions and the advantages listed above. Investing in a trend when it’s the right time can be profitable for investors. Keeping in mind what people are searching for when it comes to investing and living in apartments. Considering foreign tenants would also work as an advantage as Kozhikode is well-known in many fields. Check out our upcoming projects at Galaxy for new investing opportunities.

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Top 3 Ultra-Luxury Flats in Calicut!

Calicut turned into the most mainstream region for real estate interest all over Kerala of large-scale commercial hubs, and physical and social infrastructures in Calicut. Although, Most people around the world are keen on purchasing apartments in Calicut and other land properties. For instance, Real estate builders in Kerala have new development projects in progress in Kozhikode city. The residential projects include luxury living apartments. hence, flat for sale in Calicut. The real estate market growth of Calicut has been robust and many families and investors prefer Kozhikode for its physical and social infrastructure. 

Galaxy Builders is a prominent luxury developer in Calicut that connects the luxury dreams of our clients to reality. Galaxy Builders was set up in 1994 and has given Kozhikode a new dimension of luxury and trust. With the help of the latest technology, expert architects, engineers, and designers,  we are building your dream mansion. Galaxy has already made its signature on many commercial and residential flats in Kozhikode. Let’s check out some of the ongoing ultra-luxury flats for sale in  Calicut with their unique features and price from Galaxy Builders. 


Galaxy Eleve Maison is our ongoing premium flats in Calicut that offer the best living experience which satisfies all residential needs within walking distance. The presence of good educational institutions, malls, and walkaway access to supermarkets, and hospitals adds to the positivity of these luxury flats for sale in Kozhikode. Eleve Maison is exclusively planned and exclusively gated with world-class amenities. With the finest textures and finishes, lush green gardens, and splendid indoor and outdoor spaces. 

This apartment in Calicut stays loyal at Eranhipalam and provides exclusive luxury with top-of-the-line features. It spread over 76.2 cents of land with 52 units of accommodation provided.  2/3/4 BHK apartments are available with a built area of 1510 sq. ft to 3485 sq. ft & prices ranging from 94.37 L – 2.17 Cr. It is an under-construction project in Calicut with possession offered in March  2023. 

Address: Sarovaram Bio Park Road, Eranhipalam, Calicut 


Let’s consider reading some of the features that make Eleve Maison different from other flats for sale at Calicut

Key Features:  

• Ideal location 

• Smart Home Automation 

• Access Controlled Lobby  

• Biometric Main Door Lock

• Guest access control

• Landscaped garden 

• Mini Theatre 

• Covered car parking 

• Security Personnel

Luxury life specification never ends and they are beyond your expectations, to know more find us here: Eleve Maison.


In case you are searching for a flawlessly created flat for sale at Kozhikode, Meridian Verde, a  meridian of green will be a great option. All modern facilities required for a contemporary lifestyle are included in Galaxy Meridian Verde with an eco-friendly touch. Our luxury apartments in Calicut city stand as a symbolic initiative from us to the world on how we can implement green spaces in residential projects. Green views are allotted through a private garden, and a vertical garden, every point ensures a green soul in each flat. 

Galaxy Meridian Verde is spread over an area of 56 cents at Ashokapuram and well connected to all major transport facilities and all residential needs. It has a total of 1 tower with 52 premium apartments including 25 2.5BHK flats of 1520 sq. ft each and 25 3BHK apartments of 1910 sq. ft each.  At the top, 2 top-of-the-line penthouses are included where type A is 2720 sq. ft with a 1000 sq. ft terrace and type B is 2450 sq. ft with a 600 sq. ft terrace. This apartment in Calicut is for sale price range from 72.96 L - 1.30 Cr. Galaxy Meridian Verde is suitable for individuals looking for both luxurious and affordable flats in Kozhikode

Address: St. Vincent colony road, Ashokapuram, Kozhikode 


Key Features :

• Eco-friendly construction material 

• Biometric Entry for Apartments 

• Smart Home Automation 

• Video door phone 

• Access Controlled Lobby 

• Solar electricity production for the common area 

• Vertical garden & Hanging garden on the balcony 

• Green car park roof

• Heat reflective glasses

• Glass-sheltered balconies 

• Eco-friendly paint  

• Large ventilation for air circulation 

Live in an eco-friendly hassle-free environment without missing premium living. Find more here:  Meridian Verde.


Magnum Opus is our masterpiece design of dazzling craftsmanship for you with world-class amenities and contemporary architecture. It is spread over an area of 1.11 acres and made out of three conjoined towers with 35 floors and contains 90 stylishly planned villas and flats in Calicut.  Glass encased balconies in each flat give marvelous perspectives on the city beneath and Magnum  Opus has benefits like connectivity to all major points, luxury amenities, lavish lifestyle, and more.  

This luxury apartment is located near Malabar Christian College, Kannur Road, Calicut which is spread over an area of 1.11 acres. Magnum Opus offers flats in Kozhikode that include 2/3/4 BHK flats with built-up areas ranging from 1570 sq. ft – 1920 sq. ft, the size of the villa is 3220 sq. ft, and price ranging from 1.09 Cr – 2.25 Cr. Let’s find some key unique features provided only by Magnum Opus, our premium flat in Calicut. 

Address: Near Malabar Christian College, Kannur Road, Calicut.


Key Features: 

• Tallest building in the whole of Malabar 

• Prime location 

• Electric vehicle charging station powered by solar energy 

• Luxury double-height lobby 

• High-speed elevators have a claimed speed of 2.8 m/s 

• Smart home security

• Clubhouse 

• Business center 

• New generation security system 

• Terrace garden on the 21st floor 

• Sauna, steam, massage room 

• Indoor entertainment center

• Infinity pool with cascading waterfalls 

• Vastu/Feng Shui Compliant 

Magnum Opus, our luxury apartment in Calicut is an unmatched residential property and will be an asset for your lifetime. Find more here: Magnum Opus 

If you are looking for a luxury flat for sale in Calicut go through reviews, photo galleries, locality,  floor plans, and more for a better understanding of our projects. We always wish to see happiness in our clients and are focused to earn your trust with a focus on quality, technology,  trends, and value for money. Get your dream apartment in Calicut from Galaxy Builders, leading builders and developers in Kozhikode, and experience the global living of luxury with us.


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Apartment Vs Own House?

Purchasing free land implies a sovereign decision to build a house depending on one's own necessity. The apartment buyer has a lack of opportunity to change the shape and size of the construction. There are some marked differences between a home and a flat. Here we clarify a portion of these distinctions to help you settle on your buying choice simply and know apartment or house which is a better decision for you.  


It is simpler to get a home loan for an apartment than individual property. If you are looking for a flat in Calicut then you have the services of all the leading banks. Most lenders provide slightly lower loan-to-value (LTV) ratios for apartments. Banks provide loans for autonomous property only after critical inspection of borrowers.  Usually, the amount of funding provided by Indian banks is up to 60% of the registered value of the property.  Repayment tenure can be up to 15 years. The interest rate for a mortgage ranges from 8.15% to 11.80% p.a. If you take a loan to buy an apartment, you are available for tax deductions and interest rates. In the case of an independent house, the tax deduction is applicable only after complete construction, and tax benefits get delayed. 

Moreover, you will be aware of RERA approval. RERA registration safeguards the interests of apartment buyers and higher transparency in marketing. Know the benefits of buying RERA-registered flats. 

Cost analysis 

The expense of building a house is a lot higher than that of purchasing a flat in Calicut or any urban city. It would incorporate the cost of the plot, the stamp obligation to be paid to the Government once you buy the plot, the clearances needed from different authorities, the expense for a power connection, raw materials to construct the house, and work costs relying upon the city, and the architect charges. The cost varies based on city,  region, labor cost, etc. 


An apartment comes with added features like enough parking space, security, fire & safety systems, power backup, ease of social amenities, and more. If you have an independent property it requires extra effort to set up. Amenities provided by builders are extreme today and flats are far more secure too as most provide round clock security. 

Let’s check some of the features of flats for sale in Kozhikode from Galaxy Builders:

Our flats in Calicut are renowned for their prime location. Instant access to the main road, walkable access to everyday necessities like banks, hospitals, grocery shops, etc.  

Smart home automation: We offer an Internet-based wireless home automation system. 

Security arrangements & video door phone: CCTV, RFID access-controlled lobby entrances, boom barriers,  video door phone system for better security & easy communication. 

Modern conveniences like Solar panel system, Wi-Fi lobby, Vertical garden, Clubhouse, Jacuzzi, Kid’s play area,  Sauna and steam bath, A/C gym, Movie lounge, Home theatre/Mini auditorium, and more.  

Everyone dreams of their own home, and we fulfill your dream with commitment. Also, consider ultra-luxury apartments Vs luxury apartments in Calicut.


You don't need to stress over finding an architect, contractor, or approvals from the local government if you are looking for apartments for sale. Security, maintenance, power back up, etc builder is responsible for all these perspectives. 

Buying & selling 

Private land deals are more inclined to cheating, and fake registration also happens. In the case of flats lesser chances of this occurring as the land is allotted by authorities of the city to the builders. It is a lot simpler than a home to buy and sell an apartment in cities like Kozhikode.  

Instant Service-providers 

Services at the doorstep are the key benefit of flats in Calicut. Calicut acts as a hub of all opportunities with cultural richness and corporate dominance. People living in flats access maids, cooks, laundry services,  plumbers, Carpenters, electricians, and waste management at their doorstep. House owners won't have such ready access. 

It is wiser to opt for an apartment than an independent house. For your retirement life or for a nuclear home buyer’s apartment is the best option. 

Are you checking out the best flats for sale in Kozhikode for a premium living? It is more prudent to opt for  Galaxy Builders, one of the most trustworthy builders in Calicut with quality, time-bound, ultra-luxury apartments in Calicut's prime locations like Eranhipalam, Ashokapuram, Kannur Road, Beach Road, and more.  Contact us to know more!

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Reasons For Why Calicut Is The Best Place To Live In Kerala

Kerala located southwest of India borders the Arabian Sea and belongs to the most progressive place in India. Kerala is renowned for friendly people, strong records of women's rights, delicious food, hillside tea farms, colorful festivals, and more. Kerala alternatively termed Malabar until the arrival of East India Company. 14 districts of Kerala are divided into North Malabar, South Malabar, Kochi, Northern Travancore, Central Travancore, and  Southern Travancore. Kozhikode was the capital of Malabar and termed a city of spices as it is the major trading point of Indian spices. Kozhikode has the credit of being the primary spot where Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama stepped into Kerala. In terms of the physical quality of life index, the Malabar region ranked first. Living in luxury flats in Calicut is a fantasy for many individuals around the world.  

The city has numerous multispecialty hospitals, International board schools, inns that offer delicious and scrumptious food varieties, engineering and management colleges like NIT, and IIM, projects of top builders in Kerala, and more. The 14 districts of Kerala have energizing highlights that are reasonable to live in. With regard to picking the best spot in Kerala, Kozhikode is the best place to live in Kerala with your family. Let’s check how features of  Kozhikode contribute for live in ultra-luxury flats in Calicut


Kozhikode is one of the primary commercial cities of Kerala with the most economic part being business oriented. The city at present is the significant trade point of North Kerala with a great network through air, rail, and road. There are many IT companies in UL Cyber Park and Kinfra IT Park. Kozhikode is 8% state population which makes 12% handout to the state’s income. Calicut is renowned as a significant non-leather footwear manufacturing hub in India. It additionally has enormous wood yards along the banks of the Kallayi River. If you are an entrepreneur it’s better to live in flats in Kozhikode provided by prominent builders in  Kerala to flourish your business. 


Calicut is well-connected with all significant urban communities in India and the world by air,  road, and rail. In the case of public transport, auto drivers at Calicut are popular for their genuine conduct. Owning an apartment in Kozhikode will be a lifetime asset for you. 

Roadways: National highway 66 connects Kozhikode to Mumbai. National Highway 766  connects Kozhikode to Bangalore. National Highway 966 connects Kozhikode to Palakkad. The city lies about 233 km south of Mangalore, 358 km southwest of Bangalore, and 525 km southwest of Chennai. Calicut city has 3 bus stands to ease transport. Private buses for suburban places start from the Palayam Bus stand. Private buses to nearby districts start from Mofussil Bus Stand and KSRTC Bus stand in Calicut renowned as the largest Bus stand and located at Indira Gandhi road.

Railways: Kozhikode Railway station is one of the busiest railway stations in south India. Taxis and rickshaws are accessible to take an individual to the destination. Kozhikode railway station is located at link road, Palayam.

Airways: Calicut International Airport is located at Karipur, Malappuram a ways off 26 km from the city. It is connected with significant air hubs (domestic flights, international flights) on a consistent schedule. 


The architectural excellence of Kozhikode gives it a tag name, City of Sculptures. Olden days, Valiyangadi near the railway station was the trade center of Calicut. The city’s strong mercantile aspect progressed to Mittai theruvu, a long street filled with shops of cloth, food, cosmetics, and everything under the sky on both sides of the road. The first shopping mall in Kerala is Focus mall in Calicut. The city has multiple shopping malls like RP mall, Gokulam mall, Hilite mall, and more. 


Calicut is rich with educational institutions having national importance. National Institute of  Technology (NIT), Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK), Indian Institute of  Spices Research (IISR), National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology  (NIELT), National Institute for Research and Development in Defence Shipbuilding  (NIRDESH) are based in Kozhikode. Calicut Medical College is the largest medical institution in the state established in 1957. About 24 km away largest university in Kerala, the University of  Calicut located in Thenjipalam.  


Mavoor Rd, near the police station, is a few kilometers away from the city.  

MIMS hospital located on Bypass road, Calicut city is the first multi-specialty hospital in India to gain NABH accreditation. 

Baby Memorial Hospital, at Indira Gandhi Rd, Arayidathupalam. 

IQRAA International Hospital and Research Centre, located at Wyanad Rd, Malaparamba PVS Hospital, Railway station Rd, near Railway Station, Palayam.

Starcare Hospital, NH Bypass Junction, near Thondayad.

Malabar Hospital, Eranhipalam Junction. 

Culture and Food 

The multi-cultural mix of Kozhikode gives all festivals equal glory. Kozhikode is home to different religious and caste groups from Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, and you can see their influence in food, language, music, dances, and more. Regardless of whether you are a veggie lover or a non-vegetarian, getting food isn't at all an issue in Kozhikode. Calicut is famous for Halwa, Banana chips, Biriyani, and Sadhya. 

Kozhikode is famous for Ghazal and Hindustani music. The late playback singer from Calicut  M.S Baburaj was influenced by Ghazal and Hindustani Music. Consistently since 1981, the  Tyagaraja Aradhana Trust has been leading a 5-day music festival to pay tribute to Tyagaraja. Mohammed Rafi Foundation arranges melodic nights in the name "Rafi Nite" on the birth and death anniversary of unbelievable artist Mohammed Rafi. It is assessed that the social occasion for this Rafi Nite is the biggest gathering for the Rafi nite anywhere in India.  Calicut is a favorite destination for music lovers. 

We check parameters like transportation, education, health, climate, entertainment, public facilities, convenience for jobs, and more while we choose apartments to live in. Calicut emerged as one of the best cities to live in India with all these aspects. Most of the prominent builders in Kerala have their projects in Kozhikode. Galaxy Builders, renowned for ultra luxury flats in Calicut with aesthetic design and quality of construction provide apartments in prime locations of Kozhikode. In your search for flats in Kozhikode visit any of our completed or under construction projects and we promise you will never get disappointed.

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Ultra-Luxury Apartments Vs Luxury Apartments

Regular luxury apartments with huge units and high-end facilities consisting of a swimming pool, gym,  and well-manicured lawns are now passé. Changing market and client dynamics have caused the rise of a brand new trend: ultra-luxury apartments. Apartment customers are increasingly worried about designer fixtures, home automation, extravagant facilities with personal access, and a high level of customization. From personal swimming pools and gardens, jacuzzis withinside the gadgets, high-speed elevators, concierge services, fine-dining restaurants, and more than one parking gadget in keeping with the person, an ultra-luxurious apartment has it all. Most of them who are eager for luxurious living nevertheless understand ultra-luxury as an aspiration for a higher living. Here are a number of the variations you want to recognize among luxury apartments and ultra-luxury apartments. 

Privacy & Personal Space

Ultra-luxury apartments provide the very best degree of privacy as compared to luxury apartments. The luxury apartment has an unequaled degree of privacy in terms of the kind of facilities established withinside the housing. Apartment customers who're aware of their safety choose extraordinarily steady entrances and exits which can be generally determined in ultra-luxury gated communities. Buyers of such apartments usually need to be out of the general public eye as plenty as possible which increases their concern for ultimate privacy. Apart from privacy, any other criterion that defines the ultra-luxury section is personal space. An apartment above 2500 sq. ft. is branded as ultra-luxury. The venture has to additionally include lesser units per ground and accommodate extra green areas. Secure parking for more than one vehicle is now the norm for ultra-luxury residences withinside the metropolis. Some ultra-luxurious initiatives move a step similarly to feature parking zones for workforce automobiles and bicycles. 

Exclusive Penthouses

In an ultra-luxury apartment, there is a higher level of exclusivity that comes with penthouses. A private elevator that is only activated by a private key will allow you to gain access to the penthouse apartment. 


Ultra-luxury initiatives are commonly determined in the maximum-coveted addresses withinside the metropolis. The locality is characterized by open green areas, strategic location, great connectivity, and social infrastructure in the neighborhood. Their proximity to the airport, enterprise districts, and railway stations is a vital factor. Functioning social infrastructure coupled with brilliant views, and much less noise, and pollutants is what ultra-luxurious apartment customers appear for. 

Top-Notch Amenities 

Those who desire to spend money on a luxurious apartment need the best that money can get. Luxury apartments are cautiously designed to provide superb comfort, with stunning interiors and contemporary facilities. Premium apartment initiatives have to make a contribution to cutting-edge centers consisting of rooftop swimming pool, home theatre, more than one parking, Wi-Fi, rapid elevators, landscaped gardens, 24-hour safety & gymnasiums.

Technology & Design 

Ultra-luxury apartments provide cutting-edge traits in technology and design. Smart apartment features and sustainable design are traits of ultra-luxury apartments. These initiatives are constructed with high-nice production substances and contain requirements consisting of Green Building certification, RCC body structures, fire-resistant uPVC sliding windows, and imported modular kitchens.  Ultra-luxury flats have high-stop indoor décor, develop safety systems, huge areas for parking, and designer fittings and flooring. Even the building’s façade might provide green capability by deflecting heat and absorbing solar energy. These apartments are deliberate in a manner to provide an unequaled living experience to the residents. The generation and layout of ultra-luxurious apartments move beyond an individual’s expectations. 

Strategic Location 

One of the maximum essential elements that have to rely on whilst investing in your dream luxurious apartment venture is a handy area. A centrally positioned great luxurious apartment is ideal for the high net-really well worth folks that want to live near the upscale neighborhoods of the metropolis like hospitals, malls, academic institutions, markets, railway stations, enterprise districts, and so on. Also, the window view to be had from an apartment is a high aspect. Largely the townships in the peripheries of metro and larger towns experience the mid-luxurious housing initiatives. On the alternative hand, the area of ultra-luxurious initiatives is in large part in the posh localities of any given metropolis. 

If you are searching for a super luxury apartment project perfect that lines educational institutions,  hospitals, markets, malls, and many other conveniences in the heart of Calicut Galaxy Builders are introducing Eleve Maison as an Ultra Luxury Apartment in Calicut. Which offers super luxury amenities for comfortable living. Also, we have a luxury apartment project Magnum Opus for luxurious living in Calicut.

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool this Summer 

To cool yourself off during summer, the beach and also the swimming pool are the perfect solutions.  But at the end of the day, you do must get into the apartment so you have to find ways to keep your apartment cool too.  

1. De-humidify 

The best time of the year to cool down off at the beach is now! But if you’re a homebody, you’re probably thinking of how to stay your apartment cool during the summer. If you reside in a very humid area, your sweat evaporates slower, so it’s best to wear loose cotton and other natural fabrics to spice up cooling. Lowering the humidity will help you feel cooler. Of course, there are other ways to stay your apartment cool.

2. Reduce and Reflect Sunlight 

Direct sunlight coming into your apartment can increase the temperature. Placing blinds, curtains, or reflective window panels are some of the methods to keep the sun out of the windows. Keeping direct sunlight away from your room will help to reduce the warmth in the space. 

3. Turn Off Lights When Not in Use 

Light bulbs produce heat, especially the incandescent bulb. If you can’t replace this antiquated type of bulb, then you can minimize its usage. 

4. Be Smart About Your Doors 

If a room is cooler than the outdoor temperature, then close the door of the room. This can retain the colder temperature for as long as possible even within the warmest part of the day. 

5. Choose light colors 

If you're planning to get the walls painted with a fresh coat of paint during summer, opt for light colors like beige, light blue, light yellow, or white. Light colors will reflect heat and light, whereas the dark shade color will absorb it. You will be able to even choose a light shade for your apartment roof so that much of the sunlight leaves the roof without getting absorbed. 

6. Let the Night Air In 

In the summertime, nights tend to be much cooler. Make the most of this by opening the windows before sleeping and letting the night air in. Of course, security should be your primary concern before leaving them open as you go to sleep. Make the mandatory preparations like installing grills or simply leaving the upper windows open if you reside in a two-story apartment. 

7. Bring in more plants 

Nothing like fresh plants in and around your apartment to create a refreshing ambiance. Be it indoor plants, creepers, or trees, attempt to add more greenery to your living space this summer to keep up a  cool environment. They function as air purifiers and also provide much-needed shade and freshness to your apartment. you'll consider planting more trees and creepers facing the east and west to flee the tough rays of the sun. Placing potted plants on your apartment balcony or living room is also a way of creating your apartment look more attractive.

8. Exhaust fans 

Your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fan is very effective at removing warm air from the interiors of your apartment. Keeping them switched on during the peak heat hours can help plenty towards keeping your apartment cooler. 

9. Unplug devices and appliances 

Heat could be a natural by-product of electronic appliances. If your TV runs all day, plan on minimizing its use because it does generate some level of warmth. you'll also pull out the plug once a device is no longer in use.

10. Multi-tasking your fan 

While the AC works wonders in cooling down your apartment, the bill can leave you gasping. a better and more fun solution is to put a tray of ice cubes under your fan and feel the natural air conditioning effect. 

We hope that you simply found the following tips to beat the warmth and keep your apartment cooler this season helpful. And if you're planning on buying a luxury apartment from one of the pioneer builders in Calicut, Galaxy Builders is an excellent choice. You'll be able to rest assured whether or not it's neat to prevent heat infiltration moreover as offers great cross-ventilation, so you don’t need to worry about the heat.

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Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy While Living in an Apartment

Exercise is inevitable for a healthy person! Exercising one hour per day will help you to achieve your desired fitness level and health quotient. With the kind of amenities and facilities luxury apartment projects in Calicut provides, it’s much easier to be fit and healthy.  Exhausted at the end of a day, only to come back home and find that your anxiety has followed you to your apartment? Use apartment living to decompress, simplify life, and become healthier. 

1. Hit the gym

An extensive gym with the newest equipment could be a dream come true amenity for all fitness freaks. Situated within the premises of an apartment, you need not spend more effort joining other health clubs or gyms. Also, there are no worries about what time you can hit the gym – be it in the early morning, late at night, or whenever, having access to the gym makes it more convenient to keep health and fitness a priority. And now, getting those recommended one hour of physical activity is made easier at your apartment itself. 

2. Swimming

Nowadays most apartments come with an amazing swimming pool as a major amenity.  Considered to be one of the fun sporting activities, 45 minutes of water workouts daily not only tones your body but also is said to be the most effective exercise for your joints, and keep your body cool during the calorie burn. 

3. Yoga Practice

Apartments in Kozhikode provide facilities to practice yoga with their own dedicated yoga rooms which mostly are positioned strategically on the top floors for fresh air, light, and serene settings. This facility is much required for healthy living during this fast-paced life. 

4. Recreational center

With both indoor and outdoor game facilities and other entertainment facilities available at your doorstep, staying fit and healthy nowadays become easier. Be it a good dance session, a competitive round of table tennis with your neighbor or perhaps scoring those 50 perfect dunks on the basketball court, your daily physical activity level is achieved with lots of fun. 

5. Keep a Healthy Kitchen

Stock your refrigerator with healthy foods rather than junk so you won’t be tempted to snack on unhealthy treats or rely on fast food for your meals. You can slice up the raw veggies or put servings of raw nuts into a pre-portioned bag so you won’t overindulge. Preparation is half the battle when it comes to eating healthy.

6. Put Green Plants Inside

Green plants can help to form your apartment feel fresh by helping the air circulation. Peperomia,  bamboo, cactus, or iron plants are the most effective option for a plant that doesn’t need much time to be taken care of. Make your own terrarium or hang these plants around your apartment to stay you stay healthy. 

7. Use the Stairs

An additional way to stay fit is by using stairs and burning a pair of calories instead of using the lift. One of the oldest tricks within the books of fitness, climbing stairs shows visible results and may actually facilitate the tone of your body and stay fit. Whichever floor you reside on, ensure that you just use the steps more often to form yourself fit as a fiddle. 

8. Organic Garden

An organic garden could be a unique amenity bestowed by the trendy apartment project that's perfect for green and healthier living. The fresh produce from the organic garden is healthier and pesticides free making us less obsessed with unhealthy sources for our daily food requirements.

Fitness and health are something precious that everyone should be aware of. By applying some of the above tips, you can stay fit and healthy even though you live in an apartment. Galaxy Builders and  Developers is a good choice if you’re looking for well-equipped facilities from a swimming pool, fitness center, High-Speed Elevators, Spa Room, and lush green area to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Please check out the availability status of our projects Magnum Opus, Meridian Verde, and Eleve Maison.

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