14 Top ways to make your apartments in Calicut more luxurious in 2023

December 30, 2022
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You have owned your dream apartment with one of the premium builders in Calicut, but are not sure how to give it a luxurious look. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are 14 top ways to make your apartments in Calicut look voguish in 2023:

1. Furniture with arcs and round shapes:

Arcs and round shapes are going to stay in trend in 2023, as people find them more pleasing and comfortable. Galaxy apartments in calicut are an example of such architectural excellence. Round shapes are believed to give a feeling of safety as opposed to straight and pointed shapes. So, it will be worth splurging on some unique furniture in these shapes, to make your flat in Calicut your abode of luxury and comfort.

2. Feature wall:

Paint an interesting colour on the wall that first meet the eyes of the one entering a room. As a result, This will help in elevating the temperament of the room, giving it a more luxurious feel.

3. Strategic decluttering:

Decluttering doesn’t always mean shoving things into the drawers and shelves. For instance, Get some quirky storage boxes and organizers to put the things that need not necessarily hang around all over your apartments in calicut. Also, Ditch the cheap boxes that you may find in discount stores, and buy the ones that look expensive and creative. To keep your kids extra safe in your apartments in Kozhikode you have to put safety covers over outlets. There are some ways that you can teach your kids active safety while living in an apartment close to the community. 

4. Use candles and mirrors to decorate your home:

Mirrors can magnificently help in making your space look large and spacious. Place the mirror facing the open areas of your apartment, such as the balcony or windows. This will give an illusion of more open space in your apartment. In addition, Use scented candles or long candles placed on Victorian-style candle stands to give that royal look to the apartments in calicut that you call home.

5. Invest in art:

Go for beautiful paintings to express your penchant for art. Similarly, Art-lovers are typically perceived to be deep, and progressive. It not only helps portray your personality, but also adds to the opulence of your apartment.

6. Fresh flowers and plants:

Adding fresh flowers and plants is the classic way to add a royal charm to your apartment. Because some amount of greenery can instantly transform your apartment into an abode of tranquility. So the positive aura that the flowers and plants bring into your flat in Calicut gives it an attractive and luxe demeanor.

7. Upgrade your tableware and glass:

You have the most expensive-looking dining table and chairs, but your tableware and glasses are mediocre? Most people overlook the importance of upgrading the tableware and glasses when they install or upgrade their furniture. The mere sight of high-end tableware and glasses can help elevate your self-esteem.

8. The right lighting:

Beautiful lighting can make your apartment look plush and intriguing. Different types of lights, such as ceiling lamps, floor lamps, accent lights, table lamps, etc., will help you enhance the vibe of your house. Hence, Accentuate the beauty of your furniture, fixtures, wall art, and other important elements, using multiple sources of light.

9. Layer rugs:

Rugs have the power to transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. And when you have them layered, the impact is even more fierce. In order to layer rugs, you need to first spread a plain-coloured neutral or natural fiber rug as the base rug, on top of which you can place a rug which complements with the base rug but has a different texture, design, or art work. In most cases, rugs of the same shape will work best, but the base rug should be significantly larger than the one that will be placed at the top.

10. Add metallic accents:

Metallic finishes, especially bronze accents can significantly enhance the splendor of a space. Therefore, Metallic accents can be incorporated in to your lighting, furniture, fabrics, show pieces, wall-décor, dinnerware, and more. This will help in making sure that your flats in Calicut do not fall flat.

11. Kitchen:

Kitchen is a place that deserves to have all the attention, and hence utmost care should be
taken in making it the most comfortable one. So design your kitchen in a way that it is easy to use,
and has a touch of elegance and grandeur. In addition, Invest in high-quality fixtures, elite storage spaces,
good-looking storage boxes, and a sufficient number of containers to keep all your spices and
other necessities. Because, It is always better to store food items in dedicated containers or bottles,
rather than the original packets they come in.

12. Reimagine wardrobes:

Today, wardrobes come in a variety of designs, colours, and functionalities. Surprisingly, the type of wardrobe you have in your apartments in Calicut can talk a lot about you. Therefore, Make sure that you have the most contemporary designs in wardrobe to express your sense of style and modern outlook.

13. Choose your textiles carefully:

Sofas, chairs, pillows and curtains in the same fabric and texture will enhance the look of your flat in Calicut. In addition, Silk, premium cotton, and satin fabrics will give a luxurious look to your textile. Swap soft cushions for different textures and sizes, to add volume effortlessly. Add a few shades of color, with a slight twist to the neutrals you already have, in order to liven up your space. If you need recommendations on lighter palette, try a light mustard, pink, or lilac.

14. Hang long curtains:

Luxurious homes typically have high ceilings and plenty of natural light. If your ceilings are no lofty, you can trick the eye by hanging curtains and fittings as high and close to the ceiling as possible, not directly over the window frame. This will draw attention away from the ceiling, toward the drapery, and give the impression of a higher space. Consider adding sheer curtains to soften incoming light and fill the room with warmth.

We hope this article helps you transform your apartments in Calicut to luxurious spaces. If you have more ideas to share with us, please comment below. If you are looking for luxury flats in Kozhikode for sale, contact us now. Galaxy builders is one of the premium builders in Calicut, with our prestigious project- Atmosphere, being the tallest residential tower in Kerala.

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