Apartment Vs Own House?

August 27, 2022

Purchasing free land implies a sovereign decision to build a house depending on one's own necessity. The apartment buyer has a lack of opportunity to change the shape and size of the construction. There are some marked differences between a home and a flat. Here we clarify a portion of these distinctions to help you settle on your buying choice simply and know apartment or house which is a better decision for you.  


It is simpler to get a home loan for an apartment than individual property. If you are looking for a flat in Calicut then you have the services of all the leading banks. Most lenders provide slightly lower loan-to-value (LTV) ratios for apartments. Banks provide loans for autonomous property only after critical inspection of borrowers.  Usually, the amount of funding provided by Indian banks is up to 60% of the registered value of the property.  Repayment tenure can be up to 15 years. The interest rate for a mortgage ranges from 8.15% to 11.80% p.a. If you take a loan to buy an apartment, you are available for tax deductions and interest rates. In the case of an independent house, the tax deduction is applicable only after complete construction, and tax benefits get delayed. 

Moreover, you will be aware of RERA approval. RERA registration safeguards the interests of apartment buyers and higher transparency in marketing. Know the benefits of buying RERA-registered flats. 

Cost analysis 

The expense of building a house is a lot higher than that of purchasing a flat in Calicut or any urban city. It would incorporate the cost of the plot, the stamp obligation to be paid to the Government once you buy the plot, the clearances needed from different authorities, the expense for a power connection, raw materials to construct the house, and work costs relying upon the city, and the architect charges. The cost varies based on city,  region, labor cost, etc. 


An apartment comes with added features like enough parking space, security, fire & safety systems, power backup, ease of social amenities, and more. If you have an independent property it requires extra effort to set up. Amenities provided by builders are extreme today and flats are far more secure too as most provide round clock security. 

Let’s check some of the features of flats for sale in Kozhikode from Galaxy Builders:

Our flats in Calicut are renowned for their prime location. Instant access to the main road, walkable access to everyday necessities like banks, hospitals, grocery shops, etc.  

Smart home automation: We offer an Internet-based wireless home automation system. 

Security arrangements & video door phone: CCTV, RFID access-controlled lobby entrances, boom barriers,  video door phone system for better security & easy communication. 

Modern conveniences like Solar panel system, Wi-Fi lobby, Vertical garden, Clubhouse, Jacuzzi, Kid’s play area,  Sauna and steam bath, A/C gym, Movie lounge, Home theatre/Mini auditorium, and more.  

Everyone dreams of their own home, and we fulfill your dream with commitment. Also, consider ultra-luxury apartments Vs luxury apartments in Calicut.


You don't need to stress over finding an architect, contractor, or approvals from the local government if you are looking for apartments for sale. Security, maintenance, power back up, etc builder is responsible for all these perspectives. 

Buying & selling 

Private land deals are more inclined to cheating, and fake registration also happens. In the case of flats lesser chances of this occurring as the land is allotted by authorities of the city to the builders. It is a lot simpler than a home to buy and sell an apartment in cities like Kozhikode.  

Instant Service-providers 

Services at the doorstep are the key benefit of flats in Calicut. Calicut acts as a hub of all opportunities with cultural richness and corporate dominance. People living in flats access maids, cooks, laundry services,  plumbers, Carpenters, electricians, and waste management at their doorstep. House owners won't have such ready access. 

It is wiser to opt for an apartment than an independent house. For your retirement life or for a nuclear home buyer’s apartment is the best option. 

Are you checking out the best flats for sale in Kozhikode for a premium living? It is more prudent to opt for  Galaxy Builders, one of the most trustworthy builders in Calicut with quality, time-bound, ultra-luxury apartments in Calicut's prime locations like Eranhipalam, Ashokapuram, Kannur Road, Beach Road, and more.  Contact us to know more!

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