Tips to make Apartment Safe for Children 

August 27, 2022
kids safety in apartment

Keeping your child safe is one of the important jobs for parents. If you have children living with you in your Apartment in Calicut you are responsible for keeping children safe while under your care. And also if you help children identify and avoid common safety dangers, you can protect them from serious injuries. To keep your kids extra safe in your apartments in Kozhikode you have to put safety covers over outlets. There are some ways that you can teach your kids active safety while living in an apartment close to the community. 

Baby-proof your apartment 

Use outlet plug covers and cabinet latches on drawers and cupboards in areas within your child’s reach.  The items which are particularly dangerous should be stored in higher locations where they are harder for a child to access. 

Familiarize Them With Staff 

Take them around to the office, and let them meet everyone who is on staff. If there is an emergency,  your child will know who to go to for questions. Also, make sure that the staff is familiar with your child and who are trusted members of your family. 

Children and Elevator Safety  

Elevator problems can lead to injury and small problems which can cause children to get scared. Kids don’t have the same reasoning and physical capabilities that adults can have. If you have an elevator in your apartment and children live with you, spend some time with them for talking about elevator safety. 

Bathroom Safety 

Keep the iron cord or any other cord appliance out of a baby’s reach to avoid burns or other possible harm. Always test the temperature of the water before placing the baby in the tub. Safeguard from slips and falls by using nonslip mats in and out of the tub, as well as on any hard-surface floors near the bathroom. 

Play In Green Spaces 

We want to see kids running around and getting exercise, but we want them to be safe. You have to make sure that they can understand where they are able to play in safe locations. Drill into their head to never run into the street or parking lot after a ball. Keeping kids playing in green spaces is safer than playing on the pavement. 

Kitchen Safety

This may depend on the age of the kid, but you may want to consider installing a gate to keep children out of the kitchen. Under-sink cabinets are a typical place to store cleaning products. You need to move the cleaning products out of the toddler's or baby's reach. If the household products are placed in the low cabinets,  invest in latches and locks, and always keep the cabinet doors securely shut. 

Living Room Safety 

Make sure that balcony window covering cords are fastened to cleats, or well out of reach of a baby and toddler. Keep house plants out of reach to avoid having your child eat leaves that may be harmful. If your apartment comes equipped with a balcony or patio door, make sure to keep the sliding door locked at all times. Also, make sure not to leave the door cracked open so that the only barrier between your child and the balcony is the screen. 

Don’t Wander Around Alone 

A lot has gone into providing a safe apartment, but it’s still best for kids to always be accompanied by a  trusted adult. Kids are curious, and they like to explore. Give them the freedom to roam around apartments, but always keep your eyes on them. 

Practice safe sleep habits 

Keep your kid's room cool and don’t allow your baby to get overheated. Make sure to remove pillows,  bumper pads, and fluffy toys from the crib. Make sure your child’s crib is in a smoke-free environment. 

It is never too early to begin teaching children about their safety. Try to make it fun and help them identify dangers around the apartment. The apartments under Galaxy Builders are highly secure and safe for children. We offer security features like CCTV Surveillance, Access control lobby, Boom Barrier,  Bio Metric Tenant Entry, Video door phone with CCTV input, On-demand Guest Access from VDP, Biometric Apartment main door lock, and also 24hrs Security guards. You can spend your life with ease and secure ways with Galaxy Builders.

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