Simple Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool this Summer 

August 27, 2022

To cool yourself off during summer, the beach and also the swimming pool are the perfect solutions.  But at the end of the day, you do must get into the apartment so you have to find ways to keep your apartment cool too.  

1. De-humidify 

The best time of the year to cool down off at the beach is now! But if you’re a homebody, you’re probably thinking of how to stay your apartment cool during the summer. If you reside in a very humid area, your sweat evaporates slower, so it’s best to wear loose cotton and other natural fabrics to spice up cooling. Lowering the humidity will help you feel cooler. Of course, there are other ways to stay your apartment cool.

2. Reduce and Reflect Sunlight 

Direct sunlight coming into your apartment can increase the temperature. Placing blinds, curtains, or reflective window panels are some of the methods to keep the sun out of the windows. Keeping direct sunlight away from your room will help to reduce the warmth in the space. 

3. Turn Off Lights When Not in Use 

Light bulbs produce heat, especially the incandescent bulb. If you can’t replace this antiquated type of bulb, then you can minimize its usage. 

4. Be Smart About Your Doors 

If a room is cooler than the outdoor temperature, then close the door of the room. This can retain the colder temperature for as long as possible even within the warmest part of the day. 

5. Choose light colors 

If you're planning to get the walls painted with a fresh coat of paint during summer, opt for light colors like beige, light blue, light yellow, or white. Light colors will reflect heat and light, whereas the dark shade color will absorb it. You will be able to even choose a light shade for your apartment roof so that much of the sunlight leaves the roof without getting absorbed. 

6. Let the Night Air In 

In the summertime, nights tend to be much cooler. Make the most of this by opening the windows before sleeping and letting the night air in. Of course, security should be your primary concern before leaving them open as you go to sleep. Make the mandatory preparations like installing grills or simply leaving the upper windows open if you reside in a two-story apartment. 

7. Bring in more plants 

Nothing like fresh plants in and around your apartment to create a refreshing ambiance. Be it indoor plants, creepers, or trees, attempt to add more greenery to your living space this summer to keep up a  cool environment. They function as air purifiers and also provide much-needed shade and freshness to your apartment. you'll consider planting more trees and creepers facing the east and west to flee the tough rays of the sun. Placing potted plants on your apartment balcony or living room is also a way of creating your apartment look more attractive.

8. Exhaust fans 

Your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fan is very effective at removing warm air from the interiors of your apartment. Keeping them switched on during the peak heat hours can help plenty towards keeping your apartment cooler. 

9. Unplug devices and appliances 

Heat could be a natural by-product of electronic appliances. If your TV runs all day, plan on minimizing its use because it does generate some level of warmth. you'll also pull out the plug once a device is no longer in use.

10. Multi-tasking your fan 

While the AC works wonders in cooling down your apartment, the bill can leave you gasping. a better and more fun solution is to put a tray of ice cubes under your fan and feel the natural air conditioning effect. 

We hope that you simply found the following tips to beat the warmth and keep your apartment cooler this season helpful. And if you're planning on buying a luxury apartment from one of the pioneer builders in Calicut, Galaxy Builders is an excellent choice. You'll be able to rest assured whether or not it's neat to prevent heat infiltration moreover as offers great cross-ventilation, so you don’t need to worry about the heat.

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