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Silver Cascade

Silver Cascade is a progressive modern day marvel exhibiting a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Uncompromisingly built all the way to the top with the best of the best on mind, every element is top quality and premium.

The apartment complex stands tall with 12 stories spread across 45 cents of premium property in the city. Comprised of 42 luxury apartments with just four on each floor measuring 1800 sq.ft each from 1st to 9th floor, 4 terrace apartments measuring 1600 sq.ft with 200 sq.ft of private terrace on the 10th floor and a penthouse measuring 3200 sq.ft of unparalleled luxury on the 11th floor.

Silver cascade is also equipped with energy effective facilities that contributes to the preservation of natural resources. Energy conserving lighting systems complete with LED lights and motion detection automatic lights in the lobbies and common areas are also some of the key features. Every apartment is also equipped with modern keyless entry doors for security and ease of access.

A host of exclusive amenities with no compromise on quality or maintanence. Silver cascade is the perfect housing solution for the elite with luxury and the best standard of living on mind.

Enhancing lighting experience with LED lighting system which boasts of advantages like

  • High energy efficiency
  • Ultra long life
  • Enormous saving in maintenance
  • LED lights in the lobby and common areas to provide a uniform and balanced level of illumination throughout

Fully automated Sensor lighting which sense human presence and acts accordingly. This technology helps tremendously in

  • Conserving energy and our natural resources
  • Huge savings on electricity
  • Extends life of lights

Modern Home Security systems and I button Key less entry

  • Keeps your home absolutely safe and secure
  • Prevents unauthorized entry at all times
  • Seamless entry and exits
  • CCTV surveillance

Fabulous finishing with premium fittings and accessories

  • Luxury C.P fittings from reputed brands
  • Sanitary ware from prestigious brands

Luxurious Lobby, Spa and Fitness club

  • 4000 Sq.Ft. Club House
  • Ultra posh and plush lobby tastefully decorated with natural and LED lighting
  • Indulge and immerse yourself in the luxurious ambience of the in-house Spa. Relax, are fresh and rejuvenate on a daily basis!
  • A 1000 Sq.Ft. of space dedicated exclusively to your health and fitness! A fully equipped and well organized gym with the latest equipments and facilities! Stay fit and energized throughout your life!

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