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Gardening brings us close to nature!! Most of us love nature and loves to live in nature. But we mostly reside in our luxury apartment with crowded city life like Calicut and we miss our nature living. To fulfill our love there is a solution and the solution is turning our balcony into nature by a beautiful garden with a variety of plants. Nowadays it’s too simple to organize a garden in our flat space.

  • Plan your space

Plan a way to utilize your apartment balcony area well. Realize garden space, seating and utility area. Analyze your balcony and check what square measure attainable there. Will plants get sunlight? Is it enough for a balcony garden? Is it attainable for small coffee table and couple of chairs?

  • Select right furniture

Attempt to utilize light weighted, foldable and weatherproof furnishings to enhance your luxury apartment living. Decide do you need it to be your hang out space, reading space and then some. Use furniture that would not occupy a lot of space. Small sized, voguish wooden furniture will be ideal for your balcony without taking much space.

  • Choose the right plants

Depending upon time you can spend in your garden, you can pick plants need lot of care, less maintain. Pace of growth, how much consideration it required, size after complete growth are the main elements to remember. The measure of lighting required by plants likewise contemplates. If you have short space in your flat doesn’t pick plants that grow quickly. Give a space for vegetable and herb plants. If you wish to develop veggies there are choices like chili, tomato, radish, carrot, peas and more.

  •  Potting soil

Most nearby nursery places will offer bundled gardening soils that are ideal for holders; the key is to guarantee that the blend isn't excessively high in organic matter. To guarantee your soil remains fertile, reuse your kitchen scraps as compost. Vegetable peels, roots, leaves and eggshells are frequently discarded; however, they can really help your apartment balcony garden bloom.

  • Save space using hanging pots

In most apartments in Calicut, space is the greatest limitation. Hanging pots are very space effective with charming look. They can help you add plants to your garden without occupying floor space. You can drape them on balcony railings or ceiling hooks. Make sure the pots aren't too heavy in any case the hooks probably won't bear their weight. Check the reasonable weight limitations given by your flat management as a precautionary measure.

  • Illuminate your balcony

Great lighting will jazz up the vibe in and around the space. It's Ok to be somewhat extravagant to get your preferred garden. You can use indoor string lights, paper lanterns and add floor lanterns to get a delightful touch. Attempt to use warm lighting; it creates a luxurious ambience for your flat.

A big or small balcony garden has a proven effect on your mental prosperity. Spare your time and weekends to fascinate your apartment with a balcony garden. Galaxy Builders renowned for luxury apartments in Calicut introducing Meridian Verde, eco-friendly flats with a hanging garden on the balcony. If you look for environmentally- safe ultra-luxury flats in Calicut with eco touch in all aspects like construction material, Paint, heat reflective window panes, ventilation for air circulation, vertical garden, and more, Galaxy Builders will be a better choice. When you have a luxury balcony with a stunning view it will reflect on your state of mind.